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A man’s home is his castle…in a manor of speaking.

Because of this, every homeowner strives to take care of his or her residence, using the best means available. To make sure every inch and edge of that house is in firm brick, solid wood, quality cement, and fashioned in the best way possible, you need the guys that build the castles and mansions.

Designing, remodeling, or remodeling that property of yours should be as hassle-free as possible. No investment should be a headache, so it is important to get the best handiwork there is in the market.

Kitchen Remodeling

To most people, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home.
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Hardscape Remodeling

Hardscaping solutions for patios, walkways, utility areas, and outdoor areas are often the perfect ways to complement decks.
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Complete Remodeling

Sometimes, homeowners don’t want to pick out a single room on their property to remodel. Sometimes, it’s the whole building they want to give a new look.
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Bathroom Remodeling

Bringing your dream bathroom to reality is one of the most valuable investments you can ever make for your Bay Area property.
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More Of Our Services

Stucco & Re-stucco

One of the common exterior hardscaping applications here in the Bay Area is re-stuccoing. Residential and commercial properties that have damaged or outdated exteriors benefit

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Room Addition

Probably, your family isn’t the same size it was 8 years ago. Whether it’s the kids growing so fast or you and your spouse have

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Who Are We

iBuilders Design and Build provides commercial construction, design-build, and general contracting services in the Bay Area, the metropolitan region surrounding the San Francisco Bay estuaries in Northern California. We are your one-stop-shop for everything property designing, building, remodeling, and even demolition.

It is a Design-Builder’s job to help you save money on design and construction while getting the best value possible. Because of this, every homeowner or business manager out there will benefit from a qualification-based selection. With iBuilders Design and Build, you get certified, licensed, insured, and background-checked construction engineers, architects, designers, and technicians.

When you work with us, you will be counting on the property design and building service provider with some of the best credentials, experience, expertise, and practices. For instance, our technician’s handiwork aligns with the international standards for the services they offer. Every member of our team is a professional in their respective departments, all working to offer you value.


Why We Are The Best

Some property owners or managers like to hire a Design-Build company using the best-value selection method. When you combine the estimated price we charge, the added value, the caliber of tools put into it, and the satisfactory results, you’d see that we are offering the loudest bang for your buck. Using the hard-dollar, low-bid selection process, is, however, not always recommended.

iBuilders Design and Build delivers the best value by evaluating budget solutions early in the early stages. We do not create continuous price estimates as the project progresses, but give you a free quote at the very beginning. We stick to our fees and never disappoint in getting you the best value there for your piece of real estate.

Our company has been putting smiles on the faces of residents and business owners in the Bay Area, as we have countlessly succeeded in exceeding their expectations. For their real estate assets, we have helped them to increase the value and spend much less taking care of the property. In our hands, your property could last an entire generation and still look stylish, be functional, and safe to live in.

What Do We Do?

iBuilders exists to make your home or place of business look as elegant as possible and function well, but how do we do it? We offer a hellishly wide range of service, but we can categorize them as follows:

In as much as we offer many bespoke building construction services, it’s the way we offer them that separates us from the competition. When we work with iBuilders Design and Build, you get the following perks:

3D Design & Engineering

As a leading 3D service provider, iBuilders Design and Build offers a full range of 3D design services. Our experienced team renders multidisciplinary plant modeling services. These involve the way optimum piping routes are developed from an operational, maintenance, and safety perspective. It also includes accurate calculations around your property to make sure the building seats twice the way it stands.  A team of expert CAD and design engineers collaborating with a lair of high-profile EPCs, engineering consultancies, and OEMs, we can deliver premium 3D modeling services. We have extensive on-site experience, our staff can create real-time walkthroughs as digital models. Generally, they are competent when it comes to offering comprehensive insights into the project before construction.

ADU & Garage Conversion

Also known as mother-in-law units, ADUs are extra units built as single-room homes on the same property as an existing home. On the backs of several years in the construction business, we know that garage conversions and room additions are great ways to increase your home’s value and supply you with extra income. ADU Conversion pros (ADU contractors) at iBuilders Design and Build will keep your design requests in mind, and walk you through every stage of the project. From sourcing for the right material selection to finishing a great job, we will help you achieve a functional and budget-friendly ADU. We give you peace of mind, even outside your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Are your bathroom walls beginning to look like that of a troll’s lair, you need to do something about it if you don’t want the whole Hogwarts to visit you soon. If the flooring in the private bathing space has become washed, worn out, or dumbed down by water pressure and resistance, you might as well give the entire bathroom a new look. But a facelift like this is only as good as the people you hire to take up the job.

Kitchen Remodeling

With iBuilders Design and Build remodeling your kitchen is easier, more cost-effective, faster, and to the T. Our professional interior designers, construction engineers, and technicians will work on your cooking space, give it a fresh look, make it more functional and tune it to your style or personality. Our workers are friendly, respectful, honest, and willing to entertain your questions for as long as the project lasts. That’s how we give value.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve got additional questions about our home design and building services in the Bay Area, just give us a call at 650-770-3586. Or, drop us an email at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!

Complete Remodeling

Adding value to your property and increasing your quality of life or living standards is a consistent process. But, completely remodeling your home is a big-time investment, one you make most likely once in every decade and a half. To give you an entire property a new, more stylish look and function-boosting upgrade, you need a company that has a firm handle on every aspect of real estate development.

New Construction

iBuilders Design and Build is your one-stop-shop for all things building, whether the property is residential, commercial, or industrial. Our qualified and licensed workers can start and complete your housing projects using the most effective techniques and do so safely from start to finish. For interiors and exteriors, we source the best materials to complement the design we have unanimously agreed on.

Flooring Services

The floors are one of the most visible aspects of a property. They are also the most contacted physical parts of every home and business. When you are building, remodeling, changing your floors, or just repairing them, you need someone that knows all the models and can attend to all sizes. iBuilders Design and Build’s technicians and home improvement experts are worthy allies because we make your flooring look and do its best.

Room Additions

We have several years of experience with all kinds of building models that we know the safest and most effective ways to add rooms in each of them. We can help you get the best solution and apply them the correct way to bring out more space and value from your property. Paying quacks probably less for sup-bar solutions always goes south. Just leave everything to us and we will wow you.

Why Choose Us?

In as much as we offer many bespoke building construction services, it’s the way we offer them that separates us from the competition. When we work with iBuilders Design and Build, you get the following perks:

Minimal Inconveniences

You have already done your property a solid by committing money to its development. The development itself doesn’t have to become too much trouble for you. Remodeling your home doesn’t mean you have to sleep in the SUV with your kids for a few days. It’s not a rehabilitation program, and even if it were, things ought to be more up to speed. We try to reduce how much we inconvenience not just you but also your family/cohabitors and your local community. Quick as a cricket, silent as a mouse.

Qualification & Certification

Our company is well-registered with the authorities and our entire workforce holds the appropriate qualifications and certifications. Our electricians are licensed and our plumbers are background-checked, all of whom are fully affiliated with us. At iBuilders Design and Build., we pride ourselves on ensuring all certifications are current and in line with government legislation. That’s to guarantee that we are safe and reliable.

Competitive Prices

For us, it’s not just about the money, but also about offering value. Our company offers some of the most competitive prices in the market despite having some of the most professional hands in the industry. We give you a free estimate for your project, unlike many other service providers that charge a premium for a quote. Feel free to compare our prices with that of our competitors so you will be able to understand the kind of value we want to offer. More importantly, no hidden fees.

Health & Safety Conscious

iBuilders Design and Build is dedicated to planning and executing all projects in a manner that ensures safety to the health and welfare of our clients, workers, the public, and the environment at large. We regard this as a key management function and it is supported by our competent site managers who are at the core of our management structure.

Contact Us

What are you waiting for? If you’ve got additional questions about our home design and building services in the Bay Area, just give us a call at 650-770-3586. Or, drop us an email at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!

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