Who Are We

Either you came here to find out more about us or you are looking to see if there’s anything different in the entire construction package that you might have missed. Of course, we’d be happy to tell you more about ourselves.

You want to have that dream home for real, don’t you? Perhaps, this is about renovating your property or some parts of it. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

iBuilders Design and Build was born when some existing members on this team saw a problem. The Bay Area-specific challenge is that homeowners in this part of the world often find themselves in the woods trying to get things done on their property. The cost of individually hiring some contractors, architects, and interior designers isn’t the type everyone can shoulder.

Each of us, professionals in our fields, decided to make it easier, more affordable, and highly rewarding to access local building construction services. Contracting us makes it easier for you to build your dream home, renovate it or make seasonal/emergency repairs to the property.

We started this company to provide local services that align with international standards. That is why we can remodel your kitchen faster than most contractors and charge a fee that doesn’t tear a hole in your pocket. While there are other building constructors out there, the solutions we offer are keenly tailored to attend to the needs of homeowners and business managers in the part of Northern California.

Why We Are The Best

iBuilders Design and Build is also an effective way to keep your property at 100 percent capacity. Thanks to a large team of technicians, interior designers, architects, and construction specialists, you can get a fix wherever needed and in the shortest time possible. Rather than working with unqualified handymen from the street corner and possibly endanger your property, hire our professionals to help you out.

Our workers are trained to render the services they engage in, are certified by the relevant authorities, and come with individual insurance. Also, they are all background-checked so you can rest assured that you are working with safe and friendly people. They also keep the communication going to help them better understand how they are serving you.

There is no project size we cannot handle. Whether you want a Queen Anne, gothic revival, shingle-style house, or an earthquake shack, we got you covered. Or, if you are looking to erect a commercial property, we are one of the best hands in the market to work with. Pur team sources for the right materials and execute your building project to the T.

iBuilders Design and Build is also open to building homes with designs from third parties. Likewise, we can provide you with a design if that’s what you want. But we reckon that allowing us to build what we’ve designed is the most real way to benefit from our value. Unless you want it that way, we oblige you to give us a try you are never to regret.

We look forward to working with you!