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ADU & Garage Conversion

Adding a new detachment to your home is not a small investment. However, there is a chance to convert a garage into a legally permitted granny flat for way less.

For example, if you have a garage measuring 325 to 600 sq ft, you can turn it into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). If you want an entirely new one, it might cost $40K to $70K.

iBuilders Design and Build offers ADU and garage conversion services. For any of this to work and stay put, the prerequisite attributes, plans, and permits need to qualify for inexpensive conversion.

When you work with us, you can determine which works best and the most effective way to go about building the ADU.

Why should I build an ADU?

Good question. Let’s ask you one: why do you need a house? Private space, of course. Whether it is actually for a parent-in-law, a playhouse for the kids, or a detachment that doubles as a makeshift stucco, an ADU is a way to get additional living space without splitting your property in two.

It is also an excellent way to utilize existing space and improve the value of your real estate asset. There is a heavy housing deficit in the whole of California, which is why state legislators have passed a bill to remove the hurdles associated with constructing secondary dwelling units.

After the bill was passed, many more homeowners are adding more square feet to their properties for future ADU reasons. The ones that already have space are finally using it to build ADUs.

Get Professional Assistance

When you are converting a garage into a secondary dwelling space, you have to extend your existing structure so you can build a second floor on top of it. That way, you will have space to put up a new garage upstairs.

All garages that have been converted to ADUs become a part of the property. That means anything that happens to it happens affects the entire property. To make sure everything is in the perfect place so that the process, as well as the aftermath, is safe, you are better off working with iBuilders Design and Build.

We have transformed the largest, most structurally challenged garages into alternative dwelling units. Our team of architects, interior designers, and architects have also built ADUs from scratch for many homes in the Bay Area. We make sure all is accounted for and give you a flawless installation.

Seamless process

iBuilders Design and Build charges one of the lowest rates in the market. When it comes to home improvement, we are eager to make it possible for every homeowner or landlord to partake.

Through a free on-site inspection, our team of experienced consultants will assess the condition of the garage or outdoor space. They listen to your needs and give you the solution that best suits your budget.

Why not give us a call let’s discuss that garage or extra outdoor space of yours. There are lots of ideas in the room!