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Bathroom Remodeling

Bringing your dream bathroom to reality is one of the most valuable investments you can ever make for your Bay Area property. Interestingly, there is a cornucopia of styles and layout to remodel your bathing space and bring it up to trend.

When there is a good understanding of what is needed and what can be spent, one can effectively remodel a bathroom. But it isn’t the kind of knowledge just about everyone sits on. iBuilders Design and Build will design and rebuild your washroom using the best tools, the most standard precautions, and the safest measure.

Bathroom Flooring Switch

A bathroom renovation without a change of floors is like getting a haircut with a helmet on. Today’s lavatory flooring options are designed to handle humidity and moisture. To give your bathroom a newer look and a more functional system, iBuilders Design and Build will enable you access to the fanciest designs and the best materials in the market.

If you want 100 percent waterproof solutions, no problem. We also use this medium to make sure you wash safely in this space, as we provide flooring that is anti-slippery and easy on the barefoot. When we are done with your flooring, you’d have a hard time recognizing your bathroom because a lot will certainly change.

Kitchen Backsplashes

If you have remodeled your bathroom before and avoided a backsplash installation, there’s no escaping it this time. They are now a more effective way to protect your walls and floors from traffic and hydro energy. Plus, it is a very easy way to upgrade your bathroom. It can be carried out when installing countertops or after the space has been completely remodeled.

With iBuilders Design and Build’s backsplash installation services, you will be able to make different use of your walls rather than have them exposed to dirt, grim, and even food. Originally, backsplash tiles protect walls from accidental food and grease splatter coming from cooking tops. But now they protect bathrooms from soap and water too.

Accessory Replacement

Since the tubs, water closets and sinks are some of the most used and obvious aspects of your bathroom, it’s likely to become worn out or damaged before everything else in the space. Accessory replacement is part of our bathroom remodeling services, as we look to providing you a variety of quality and affordable options.

Technicians from iBuilders Design and Build will correctly and effectively install the accessories for you, regardless of the size, model, or weight. Some of them serve as functional storage spaces for things you need around the bathroom on an everyday basis so we make it solid, balanced and resistant, and capable of handling frequent use.

Get iBuilders Design And Build to remodel your bathroom!

Do you want a larger bathing space? Do you want to add some storage space? We got you covered. All the renovations we do are custom-designed for each client! As part of the process, we will set up an appointment for you to meet a bathroom specialist.

We look forward to hearing from you.