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Flooring Services

You want to change the flooring in your living room but do not have enough tiles; that can be a few-tile experience. But it doesn’t have to be. If changing the flooring in properties were the hardest things ever, it probably wouldn’t even get a page from us. iBuilders Design and Build offers professional and quality flooring services in the Bay Area, Northern California.

Residential Flooring Services

Is your home’s flooring outdated, warped, or worn out? If yes, then it is time to change things up. Doing so isn’t an annual affair so one in every decade is just about enough time if you have an existing, solid, and relatively timeless one. iBuilders Design and Build specializes in flooring your home with the best hands and the highest quality products in the market.

As experts in our trade, we know all the flooring types available and the most efficient ways to install them. Whether it’s part of your remodeling project or it is a first-time installation, we are capable of getting the job done pronto. No hassles, no delays, no excuses. Nothing but a pure demonstration of competence and capability.

Commercial Flooring Services

Let’s stop by at your place of work. Is the flooring in your place of business starting to stir the wrong right of scuttlebutts? Perhaps, its age and state are evident enough to disrupt the workflow and cause you significant downtime? Well, things only get worse from places like that, so the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Having clean, well-installed, and regularly maintained flooring adds to your firm’s reputation.

If you just picked up that seed round and are looking to set up shop, leave the flooring aspect to us. Likewise, if you want to renovate your office or commercial facility, you are better off with technicians and interiors designers that are well trained, courteous, background-checked, and highly equipped. That’s how you know you’ve got professionals working on your floors.

Flooring Maintenance

Whether it is for your place of residence or commercial building, maintaining the floors doesn’t stop at sweeping and mopping. While it is necessary to keep your flooring free from dirt and dust, properly and thoroughly maintaining means you have to make some repairs and use some high-tech equipment to power-wash everything. Depending on your kind of home and environment, flooring maintenance should be an annual affair.

Paying an unqualified person to carry out your repairs may come back to bite. Even, you may be charged higher than usual and still get disappointed with the results. Rather than wasting time and money on this goose chase, hire iBuilders Design and Build at an affordable price and get only quality flooring services. Irrespective of the material or model used, our technicians will be able to keep your flooring functional and pristine.

Get Quality Flooring

iBuilders Design and Builders focuses on adding value to your property, and one of the ways we do so is by giving you quality flooring solutions. We provide dedicated, reliable personnel, extensive product knowledge, depth of product range, and professional services. We have a vivid vision of giving every Bay Area property owner rest of mind for their flooring.