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Hardscape Remodeling

Hardscaping solutions for patios, walkways, utility areas, and outdoor areas are often the perfect ways to complement decks. That way your yard is laid out often gives an insight into the kind of system that would work best. Decks are great for properties that have slopes and tall basements. But patios are best suited to low-level back doors and can be inculcated into the overall backyard dream.

It looks as though someone got lost in the moment, but that anecdote up there is an insight into what goes through our mind every time we work on a hardscape project in a client’s home. Though there are many things involved, it is easy for us to get around to every detail one hundred percent. That is because iBuilders Design and Build have been in the game long enough.

Quality Hardscaping

iBuilders Design and Build has been recognized by both clients and vendors for nothing but top-quality landscape designs and well-oriented customer services. Our company has the experience and resources to provide professional assistance with any residential and commercial hardscape services that you may need, no job is too small or too big. As far as it is in our hands, we make the very best from it.

Design & Hardscaping

Have you already thought of the way you want your outdoor space to look? Or, maybe you don’t know where you should start from. Anyway, it is best to work on your landscape design with professional contractors in the Bay Area, in Northern California. This way, you will be able to get both expert opinion and assistance based on what works best with your landscape in tandem with the other elements that need to be added.

Well, it is exciting to think of all the possible hardscapes that can be slapped on in the yard. But going overboard with them isn’t advised. That is the reason you have iBuilders Design and Build to keep everything in check to make sure you do not violate any laws, spend more than you need too or make your outdoor space unsafe. We take care of everything for you, giving you that well-deserved peace of mind already.

With The Right Materials

Residential—or commercial—hardscaping materials need to be top quality and complement the exteriors—as well as interiors—of your property. You need to consult with a professional designer and building constructor to know the best color and texture combos that will make up the materials for your hardscaping projects.

If your home was built rustic-style, there’s a chance you will use old-time stuff like bricks and flagstones. But if the design of your property is contemporary, it is wiser to stay between composite decking and concrete. Before you know it, we’ve professionally devised a clear path to a new outdoor space that is hardscaped to needs and personality.

Coming up with replacement hardscaping models isn’t the only prowess on our wrists. If you are building a new property, you can work with us on a virgin project. We will help you design and model from scratch.