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Kitchen Remodeling

To most people, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Whether that philosophy works for you or the cooking space is only one of your home’s auricles, it is pertinent to keep the place functional, appealing, and reflective of style or personality.

If you’re looking to change the look of your kitchen, you will be needing professionals to make sure the project is executed to the T and twenty to the dozen.

Professional Kitchen Remodelers

With iBuilders Design and Build remodeling your kitchen is easier, more cost-effective, faster, and to the T. Our professional interior designers, construction engineers, and technicians will work on your cooking space, give it a fresh look, make it more functional and tune it to your style or personality.

Our workers are friendly, respectful, honest, and willing to entertain your questions for as long as the project lasts. That’s how we give value. iBuilders Design and Build workers are aware of the measuring generations of every kitchen appliance, so they can fish out the ones that are or not energy efficient in your own space.

We make sure to give you a wide selection of kitchen appliances that will suit your kitchen design and needs. Our services include installation, kitchen design, layout, and more important; all kitchen designs will work accordingly to maximize your space and workflow.

Countertop Replacements

One of the professional services we offer is countertop replacement. When remodeling a kitchen, the countertop is one of the places every expert building designer or contractor starts from. That is because it is one of the most obvious and most used parts of your cooking space.

Giving it a cleaner, fresher, and more stylish look will do a whole lot for the entire place. We are handy with a wide range of countertop models, so it’s easy for us to determine the best for you. and how to safely, effectively install it.

Backsplash Installation

It is only recently that kitchen backsplashes fully entered the building construction industry. If you built your home in the 90s, there is every chance your kitchen—or bathroom—doesn’t have a backsplash. As part of the remodeling process, iBuilders Design and Build can install one in your kitchen—and your bathroom, if you want.

Backsplashes protect your walls from hot fluids, foot splatter, oil stains, and other kinds of cooking byproducts. This way, your walls last longer and the appeal of your kitchen remains almost immortally intact. There are different types in the market, and our technicians are very conversant with everyone.

Kitchen Cabinetry

This is also part of the remodeling and a way for us to increase the available storage space. We also systemize the cabinets to carry all your appliances and utensils so things aren’t always scattered around in the cooking space.

Depending on the design of the remodeling, our team will source the best materials directly from their manufacturers. We devise a system that works and makes your kitchen look very organized. We blend the colors and lighting to ensure the arrangement brings about additional beauty and style.

We look forward to working with you!