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New Construction

Marble is a valuable building material and should not be taken for granite. Cutting a piece of wood in half just by looking at it is possible; we saw it with my own eyes.

iBuilders Design and Build is your one-stop shop for new home construction. We have helped the homeowners of today realize their dreams by designing and erecting structures tailored to their needs, suited to the preferred style, and within their budget.

Building Design

Whether the scope is built in sketches, a new kitchen, or a full set of renovation plans, the design phase is essentially the first step in any successful building development project. iBuilders Design and Build is a company with decades of experience in all sectors of home renovation and construction. 

Many of our clients are committed to a longer-term custom build project with our firm, but we also work with homeowners and their architects who are developing ideas for their project—whether it is a double-story addition, a new home, or part of a home remodel. It is our responsibility to define our client’s scope to match their vision with their budget.

Home Maintenance Routine

For us, client relationships do not end with handing over the keys to their newly erected castles. iBuilders Design and Build recognizes the value of the relationships that our entire team forms with our clients throughout the construction process. Our team of home improvement, interior design, and construction designers offers our resources on a subscription basis to former clients.

That means, after building your home, we offer you a maintenance plan that could last years. Depending on the size of the house and the kind of maintenance plan opted, we will dispatch two to three teams to your property to bring everything back to 100 percent working capacity. We fix what has been broken, paint over what’s worn out, strengthen what’s loose and add what’s needed.

Tailored Executions

If the house will not look the way you want it to, then it won’t be your home. iBuilders Design and Build’s mission is to give you a place you can take pride in calling yours. To this, we pay attention to everything you need—and also want—stick to the budget. We offer as much value as possible for every penny you spend on this new construct.

For some cases. renovating can be more affordable than rebuilding your home from scratch. However, the price difference between remodeling an existing building and completely rebuilding it may not be as scary as you think. Contingent on the availability of existing buildings in the local real estate market, new constructs are more cost-effective.

Work With Us

iBuilders Design and Build is a well-respected name in the residential construction industry. The formula to our success is our relentless attention to detail, our exceptional customer service, and our devotion to quality. We emphasize open communication with our clients throughout our custom projects and our homes feature the finest craftsmanship and materials in the market.

Let’s build that new home for you!