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Room Addition

Probably, your family isn’t the same size it was 8 years ago. Whether it’s the kids growing so fast or you and your spouse have more children and belongings, it might come to a stage when you need an extra room in the house. Meant to create more space, room additions are a way to declutter your home and make room for people.

How Can We Add Space To Your Home?

For a good number of home models, there are a variety of ways you can add rooms. All you need is a reputable building construction service provider that will painstakingly go over your goals and ideas.

The contractor also has to work with you so you can extend the space in your house and the longevity of your property. After all, if your home can no longer contain the people it was built to house, you would find a hard time living there.

There are three simple ways iBuilders Design and Build can add a new room to your residence. We can build it out: the new room(s) are built at ground level; constructed on top of other existing rooms; or build a unit that’s detached from the main house entirely (which is where alternative dwelling units might come in). Every approach has its upsides and its downsides, though.

iBuilders Design and Build comes with the right tools, materials, staff, and gear to afford you additional rooms, without necessarily disrupting the property’s mainstay. We work with the most efficient techniques and take the safest precautions to avoid mistakes and mishaps.

Get Expert Assistance

The home inventory is low in many places, and the evidence is how humans are now busier than ever. As a result of this, most homeowners would rather remodel than move into a new property somewhere else. While they are remodeling, there is always the need of having two more rooms cut into the system. Doing this is no stage trick, so you need professional building constructors and architects.

Room additions come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. There is no cookie-cutter approach to this one because everyone’s home has its unique needs and every property owner has a certain amount he can spend adding extra rooms. From small room expansions to multi-floor additions, the professionals at iBuilders Design and Build will work closely with you to add space where needed.

Our planning is thoughtful and our process is effective. We pay attention to every detail and consistently deliver additions that complement the design, style, and function system of your property. We are trained to add rooms without causing damage to your property and to do so safely for everyone involved.

Work With Us

If you are looking for a reliable contractor to expand your residence in the Bay Area, iBuilders Design and Build is the service provider of choice. We are a local company, but we work with international standards.

Give us a call or drop an email let’s talk about those extra rooms.